Participating Artist: 黃筠婷 Zoe Wong

黃筠婷 Zoe Wong
香港 Hong Kong


Zoe Wong is from Hong Kong and studied local coral ecology before. She is a hobby artist exploring different painting styles. Painting mostly marine animals and landscape, she hopes to showcase the biodiversity and beauty of nature, and to inspire people to treasure our environment.


Yellow-crested Cockatoo in

Hong Kong
水粉紙本 Watercolour on paper
19 x 27 cm


This cute cockatoo is standing on a Ficus variegata, and sometimes feeding on its fruits! 

* 寵物貿易 Traded as pets

溫柔的巨人 The Gentle Giant

水粉紙本 Gouache on paper

29 x 21 cm


I met this Indian Rhino on a grassland in Nepal on a warm winter afternoon. 

*Traditional medicine and ornamental trade

捕獵者 Predator

水粉紙本 Gouache on paper

24 x 24 cm


The Blacktip Reef Shark is going to hunt! Thousands of small fish are evading from the predator and forming back into a school quickly. The silver fish bodies, under reflections of seawater and sunlight, are creating dynamic changes in colour every second.

*魚翅貿易 Shark fin trade

香港的珊瑚 Corals of Hong Kong

油粉彩紙本 Oil pastel on paper

42 x 29.7 cm


Although they are called “stony” corals, they in fact come in many colours, shapes and textures. Take a look, some look like a little castle, a spinning top, or even a matcha ice-cream!

*工藝品貿易 Traded as ornaments

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