Participating Artist: Yvonne Sadovy

Yvonne Sadovy
英國 United Kingdom

Yvonne Sadovy 利用科學和攝影來教育和激發對海魚的興趣,並特別針對那些因人類活動而面臨威脅,並需要幫助以存活的物種。

Yvonne Sadovy uses both science and photographic images to teach and inspire a deeper understanding of and interest in the fascinating lives of marine fishes, especially those species that are threatened due to human activities and need help to survive into the future.


Camouflage Grouper Aggregated

for Spawning
數碼印刷 Digital print
46 x 30 cm


Eye-level view of a rare annual gathering of tens of thousands of camouflage groupers for mating. Shown are males and females waiting for the right moment to spawn; they only have this opportunity for a few hours each year. These aggregations are often a focus of fishing and are rapidly disappearing everywhere due to lack of management.

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