Participating Artist: 傅詠芹 Vivian Fu

傅詠芹 Vivian Fu
香港 Hong Kong

傅詠芹是一位來自香港的自然保育人士,在亞洲鳥類保育方面擁有多年的經驗。同時, 傅詠芹相信藝術是向人們傳達重要保育訊息的強大媒介。她的藝術創作形式通常涉及與人的互動。她期望,通過參與式藝術,人們不僅能欣賞自然之美,還能成為保育的積極參與者。

Vivian Fu is a nature conservationist from Hong Kong, with over a decade of experience in bird conservation in Asia. With her passion for both art and conservation, Vivian believes that Art serves as a powerful medium to convey important conservation messages to people. Her art forms usually involves engaging people. Through participatory art, she encourages people to not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also become active participants in its conservation.

脆弱 Fragility
剪紙 Paper

29.7 x 21 cm


Animals are defenceless in the face of human’s greed. In this art piece, I aim to convey the fragility of these animals through the art of delicate paper cutting.

*工藝品貿易 Traded as ornaments


The Future of Helmeted Hornbill

Depends on Us
水彩紙本 Colour paper and watercolour
50 x 60 cm


Through participatory art, I aim to invite people to co-create a paper cutting art work of a Helmeted Hornbill flying to its nest, expressing that everyone can contribute to save the threatened species. 

*工藝品貿易 Traded as ornaments

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