Taina Litwak

Taina Litwak
United States
United States Department of Agriculture

Taina Litwak是美國農業部昆蟲系統學實驗室史密森尼自然歷史博物館的專職插畫師。她曾接受傳統的藝術訓練,但現在主要使用數碼媒體工作。她於1983年開始從事科學插圖的職業生涯。她的作品列於雜誌、科學期刊、貿易、教科書和博物館展覽。Taina目前是ASCRL(美國集體權利授權協會)的董事會成員。

Taina Litwak is the staff illustrator at the US Dept. of Agriculture’s Systematic Entomology Lab, at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of Natural History. She is traditionally trained but now works primarily in digital media. She began her career in scientific illustration in1983. Her markets include magazines, scientific journals, trade, text books, and museum exhibits. Taina is currently a board member of ASCRL, the American Society for Collective Rights Licensing.


A New Species of Cactus Beetle
數碼印刷 Digital print
27.64 x 35.56 cm

這種新發現的甲蟲屬於 Gerstaeckeria 屬,是亞利桑那州的原生物種。這種仙人掌象鼻蟲依賴美國一種瀕危的鳳梨球仙人掌(Coryphantha scheeri robusipsina)而生,且只在夜間活動,最近牠卻被發現在日本隨進口仙人掌入境。

This newly discovered species of beetle (in the genus Gerstaeckeria) is native to Arizona. This cactus weevil has only been found associated with this endangered U.S. species of (pineapple) cactus (Coryphantha scheeri robusipsina) and is only active at night. It has been documented recently in Japan, intercepted on imported cactus plants. 

這物種由美國農業部的Charlie O’Brien博士和Lourdes Chamorro博士描述為新物種。Described as a new species by Dr. Charlie O’Brien and Dr. Lourdes Chamorro, US Dept. of Agriculture. 

*International plant trade often introduces non-native species.

香草蘭花甲蟲Vanilla Orchid Beetle
數碼印刷 Digital print
38 x 49 cm

雲呢拿來自雲呢拿草(Vanilla planifolia)未成熟的果莢,而圖中的甲蟲
Perissoderes oblongus)是一種會損害雲呢拿收成的害蟲。

Vanilla is obtained from the unripen fruits of the climbing orchid (Vanilla planifolia). This beetle (Perissoderes oblongus) is an important agricultural pest. 

本作品由美國農業部的Lourdes Chamorro博士設計和插圖。

Designed and illustrated for Dr. Lourdes Chamorro, US Dept. of Agriculture. 

*International plant trade often introduces non-native species.

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