Participating Artist: Sigrid Anita Haugen

Sigrid Anita Haugen
挪威 Norway

Sigrid Anita Haugen 是一名來自挪威奧斯陸的視聽作曲家,她曾於英國倫敦的倫敦當代音樂學院獲得音樂演奏和製作榮譽學士學位,亦於愛爾蘭都柏林市的普克士學院(音譯 Pulse College)獲得電影音樂榮譽碩士學位,該學院亦有風車港錄音棚之稱(語譯 Windmill Lane Studios)。目前她正在都柏林科技大學攻讀音樂作曲博士學位。她曾為多個項目作曲,而作品則用於挪威及海外的電影、遊戲和音樂節。她的音樂以述說故事及試驗人對聽覺的知覺為重。

Sigrid Anita Haugen is an audiovisual composer from Oslo, Norway, with a master’s (honours) degree in film music (2016) from Pulse College, also known as Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland. And a bachelor´s (honours) degree in music performance and production from London Centre of Contemporary Music in London, UK. Today, Sigrid Anita is taking a doctorate in music composition at the Technological University Dublin. She has composed music for several visual projects that have been presented at films, games and music festivals in Norway and abroad. Her music is very much focused on storytelling and experimentations of auditory perception.


音樂 Music


Musicscape is a composition that highlights the important environmental problems caused by noise pollution.

The composition consists of miniature compositions with audio-reactive visuals that directly imitate real-life sounds from a busy city dock and underwater landscapes.

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