Participating Artist: 青花工作室 Seika Studio

青花工作室 Seika Studio
香港 Hong Kong



“The creative inspiration of Seika Studio comes from everything in nature, including flowers, trees, birds, fish and insects. We hope that our works can bring the beautiful side of nature to everyone and add a sense of leisurely greenery to busy and busy lives. In addition, we like to integrate Chinese and Western traditional culture or artistic styles into paintings, so as to preserve traditional culture and create new elements at the same time.

Seika Studio has held many exhibitions in Hong Kong, and has also curated exhibitions for local and overseas artists. We have also collaborated with a number of conservation and environmental protection organizations to raise public awareness of environmental protection and concern for nature through artistic means.”

大頭龜 Big-headed Turtle

數碼印刷 Digital print

42 x 29.7 cm


This artwork showcases the beauty and features of Big-headed Turtle under the stream. We incorporated golden hot foil into the print to mimic the golden reflection of leaves under sunlight. The colour of gold also set off the distinctive patterns and colour of Big-headed Turtle.

*寵物貿易 Traded as pets

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