Participating Artist: 揭紫琪 Nicole Kit

揭紫琪 Nicole Kit
香港 Hong Kong
畫麥春野 Wildlife Illustrations Hong Kong

紙皮是一位來自香港的科學插畫家。 她善於使用各種媒體來創作與野生動物有關的插圖。紙皮致力於創造富教育性、準確而美麗的作品,希望能促進社會對自然的了解,並令大眾成為自然愛好者並身體力行支持自然保育。

Nicole is a science illustrator from Hong Kong. She uses a wide array of traditional and digital media to create informative and educational illustrations of wildlife and nature. Striving to produce accurate and beautiful artwork that promotes knowledge about nature, Nicole hopes that her work can inspire the public to become nature lovers and support nature conservation.

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保護色 Camouflage
水彩紙本 Watercolour on paper
27.3 x 35 cm

中國壁虎(Gekko chinensis)在香港鄉郊很常見。 牠們身上的棕灰的保護色使其能夠很好地融入環境。可惜,牠們依然經常被收集、乾燥並作為傳統藥物出售。

The native Chinese gecko (Gekko chinensis) are commonly found in Hong Kong’s countryside. Their brownish grey colour patterns allow them to blend in well with their environment. They are commonly collected, dried and sold as traditional medicine.

蘇眉 Humphead Wrasses
塑膠彩紙本 Acrylic on illustration board
(digital reproduction)
45 x 60 cm


Humphead wrasses are another species of commonly traded live reef food fish in Hong Kong. Althought they are listed in CITES and their trade was controlled, you can still easily find young individual in market fish tanks.

香港瘰螈 Hong Kong Newt
Gouache and white ink on paper
45 x 60 cm

香港瘰螈腹部有色彩鮮豔的橙色圖案,在寵物市場備受追捧。 據記載,曾在五年內有超過 223,000 隻香港瘰螈從香港輸出到美國,但我們並不能確認其數量或來源。

Hong Kong newts have colourful orange belly patterns which makes them highly sought after in the pet market. Over 223,000 individual was reported to have been exported from Hong Kong to USA over a five-year period, but we couldn’t confirm the numbers or sources.