Participating Artist: 花曉晴 Natasha Thirlwell

花曉晴 Natasha Thirlwell
香港 Hong Kong


Natasha Thirlwell is a tattoo & illustration artist with a degree in Ecology. Her journey took an unexpected turn as she delved into the world of tattoo artistry and illustration, merging her academic foundation with her innate creative flair. With an unwavering passion for nature, Natasha’s artistic focus revolves around the intricate beauty found within the natural world, while infusing a harmonious blend of scientific accuracy, beauty, and storytelling in her tattoos and drawings.

自游的水獺 Otters in Free Flow
數碼印刷 Digital print

40 x 60 cm


I have always loved small-clawed otters, they are so cute! However, most of the cute photos seen on the Internet are from otters raised in captivity… In contrast, I hope everyone can also see otters swimming freely in their natural habitat. I’m very happy to be able to complete this flowing work on my client.

*寵物貿易 Traded as pets

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