Participating Artist: 呂靜宜 Lui Ching Yee

呂靜宜 Lui Ching Yee
香港 Hong Kong


I am a dedicated diver and traveller who enjoys doing underwater photography and also taking a lot of travel photos. My academic background is marine science, I worked as an aquarist and also environmental conservationist. I constantly dive and of course I bring my camera all the time.

Turtley Amazing
數碼印刷 Digital print

40 x 30 cm


Beautiful shell in beautiful reef, but not for sale!

*工藝品貿易 Traded as ornaments

Manta Magic
數碼印刷 Digital print
30 x 40 cm


Mobulid ray gill plate can be found in dried seafood stores in Hong Kong as a kind of traditional medicine. The gill plate trading has indeed pushed the populations of many manta and mobula ray species to the immense threat of extinction. I would rather see them in the wild but not their dried gill plates in Hong Kong.

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