Participating Artist: 李健良Lee Kin Leung

李健良 Lee Kin Leung
香港 Hong Kong
Big Fish Art & Production

李健良,從事漫畫製作多年,包括漫畫書封面美術製作,海報,內文彩圖,內文背景,鋼筆背景,書內動物,怪獸等繪畫,當中彩圖作品絕大部份以不透明水彩,塑膠彩,噴筆等工具作人手著色。 2010年離開漫畫公司後,用了五年時間去完成一套三册的恐龍繪本《古生命1,2,3》,2017年出版《紅樹林。香港濕地生態》繪本。2018年出版《中華白海豚。香港海洋生態》繪本。2019年出版《稻》、《小丑魚日記》和《綠海龜》繪本,2021年出版中國古代神話《阪泉之戰》上卷。2023出版《后海灣魚塘生態》

Li Jianliang has been engaged in comics production for many years, including comic book cover art production, posters, interior color pictures, text backgrounds, pen backgrounds, animals, monsters and other paintings in the book. Most of the color picture works are made of opaque watercolors and plastic colors, airbrush and other tools for manual coloring. After leaving the comic company in 2010, he spent five years completing a three-volume dinosaur picture book “Ancient Life 1, 2, 3”, and published “Mangrove” in 2017. Hong Kong Wetland Ecology” picture book. In 2018, “Chinese White Dolphin” was published. Hong Kong Marine Ecology” picture book. In 2019, the picture books “Rice”, “Clownfish Diary” and “Green Turtle” were published, and in 2021 the first volume of the ancient Chinese myth “The Battle of Banquan” was published. “Deep Bay Fishpond Ecology” will be published in 2023


Horseshoe Crab and Mudskipper
水粉紙本 Gouache on kent paper

44.5 x 32.2 cm


Hong Kong Wetland Ecology (picture book), P19 illustration

*Horseshoe crab blood is used to produce limulus amebocyte lysate to detact bacteria; mudskippers were collected and sold as seafood.

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