Participating Artist: Jason Cheung Chun Fei

Jason Cheung Chun Fei
香港 Hong Kong


Jason is a student who likes the natural world, especially the underwater ecosystems and is trying to portray the beauty of marine biodiversity using paintings.


塑膠彩布本 Acrylic on canva

53 x 53 cm

物種亦會被出售。但根據研究,珊瑚魚在水族貿易中的死亡率可高達 80%,如同展示的畫作一樣。而香港作為其中一個轉口港,令珊瑚魚貿易的議題

Reef fish are popular in the ornamental fish trade due to their beauty, but according to research, the mortality rate can be as high as 80%, as displayed in the artwork. Sometimes endangered species are also traded. Hong Kong is also one of the major re-exporters in the industry, so the issue of reef ornamental fish trade isn’t as far as people may have expected.

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