Participating Artist: 勞丕禮 Lo Pei Lai Janice

勞丕禮 Lo Pei Lai Janice
香港 Hong Kong


Janice Lo is an environmental educator from Hong Kong. Devoted to nature conservation, drawing is still her favourite hobby, with focuses on flora and birds. Both detailed drawings and playful ways even molding with a piece of blu-tack can yield her the joy to create. Working mostly with traditional media, she also likes trying out new media. Art is a way to capture what she loves and share what she appreciates with others. Like nature, I believe this is about love and giving.


Still Beats Like a Heart
色鉛筆紙本 Colour pencil on paper

16 x 21 cm

我仍記得十一月那和暖晴朗的一天,是我第一次遇見紫紋兜蘭(Paphiopedilum purpuratum),我終於明白她的美如何引來眾多不法分子的貪慾。然而,她

I still recall, on a warm sunny day in November, when I first encountered Hong Kong Lady’s Slipper Orchid (Paphiopedilum purpuratum). Its beauty might have attracted poachers’ greed, but it was its heart-like petal that caught my eyes, my love and devotion to protecting them. Either you are looking close or two steps further away, I hope you can feel its beating heart too.

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