Participating Artist: 葉曉文 Ip Hiu Man, Human

葉曉文 Ip Hiu Man, Human
香港 Hong Kong

香港生態作家及畫家。畢業於中文系。曾出版六本生態小說和散文,及舉辦三次個人生態畫展。在香港熱心推動生態書寫,近年與多間大學和機構合作, 舉辦如講座、畫展、野外導賞、創作坊等。2021年於荔枝窩成立有機農場暨文創品牌「隱山」。

Hong Kong ecological writer and painter. Graduated from the Chinese Department. He has published six ecological novels and essays, and held three personal ecological painting exhibitions. He is enthusiastic about promoting ecological writing in Hong Kong and has cooperated with many universities and institutions in recent years to organize lectures, art exhibitions, field tours, creative workshops, etc. In 2021, the organic farm and cultural creative brand “Hidden Mountain” was established in Lai Chi Wo.


Paphiopedilum purpuratum
混合媒介 Mixed media

100 x 150 cm


Paphiopedilum purpurea is a local native species with ornamental value. It grows in rocky places rich in humus and moss-covered rocks beside valleys. However, due to illegal mining, it faces unprecedented threats.

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