Participating Artist: 陳文灝 Chan Man Ho Henry

陳文灝 Chan Man Ho Henry
香港 Hong Kong

RedstART Studio


Henry is a researcher from Hong Kong. His research interests lie in the population status and taxonomy of local fossorial reptiles. He is also a wildlife artist inspired by nature. He strives to integrate art into environmental education by incorporating his ecological knowledge into illustrations to raise people’s awareness on nature conservation.

Sacrifice to Satisfy

素描及數碼印刷 Pencil and digital printing

42 x 29.7 cm


It may just be a non-essential item to us; however, it is a matter of life and death for wildlife. The demand for ivory puts elephants in danger. Poaching threatens the survival of elephants, turning their life to be a tightrope walk. Human greed is pushing them to the edge of extinction. 

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