Participating Artist: Diana NTD

Diana NTD


I am Indonesian and live in South Tangerang, a city nearby Jakarta. As a natural healing practitioner, I have great interest in nature, plants and also the conservation. Drawing and painting have always been passions of mine since early childhood, although never at this level before. My studies in pharmacy introduced me to many botanical illustrations, and I have been in love with botanical paintings ever since. In November 2020, I decided to join IDSBA (Indonesian Society for Botanical Artists) purely out of fascination with the botanical artworks its members produced. At that time, I never considered creating botanical art myself. However, I am immensely grateful for the supportive community I have found. From senior members, I have learned extensively. Since 2021, I have been creating watercolour and pencil coloured artworks for IDSBA exhibitions and some merchandises. I also produce some digital paintings for personal uses and stock users online since 2020.

鐵冬青 Kurogane Holly
水彩紙本Watercolour on paper

(數碼複印 Digital reproduction)
43 x 55 cm

鐵冬青 (Ilex rotunda) 是東亞地區受歡迎的觀賞植物。除觀賞用途外,鐵冬青清涼解毒的特性,使其在傳統醫藥中受到重視,通常被用於沖泡茶飲。有些人也相信鐵冬青象徵著幸運、保護和長壽。

The Kurogane holly (Ilex rotunda) is a popular ornamental plant in East Asia. Beyond its ornamental use, Ilex rotunda is also valued in traditional medicine for its cooling, detoxifying properties, often brewed into teas for health benefits. The Kurogane holly is also a symbol of luck, protection, and longevity for those who believe it.

Sweet Aroma (Dendrobium anosmum
水彩紙本Watercolour on paper

(數碼複印 Digital reproduction)
29.7 x 42 cm

檀香石斛(Dendrobium anosmum)是一種原產於東南亞蘭花物種,因其

Dendrobium anosmum, a popular orchid species native to Southeast Asia, is prized for beautiful blooms and pleasant sweet aroma. This dangling epiphytic orchid can grow between 0.9 and 3 m long. It has pendulous stems and oblong to elliptic leaves. The older stems lose their leaves, and small clusters of one to three fragrant, purple flowers develop on these leafless, mature stems.
I painted this for Flora of Southeast Asia, an exhibition at Singapore Botanic Gardens in 2022. This painting is also displayed in Singapore Botanic Gardens’s calendar 2024.

粉紅舞者Pinky Dancer

(Dendrobium secundum)
水彩紙本Watercolour on paper

(數碼複印 Digital reproduction)
42 x 59.4 cm

毛刷石斛(Dendrobium secundum)長有向下的唇瓣,可以減少雨水積聚對花朵造成損害。

Dendrobium secundum are commonly known as toothbrush orchids. In natural habitat, this downward arrangement helps orchids prevent water from pilling up in the labellum and reduces the likelihood of puddles of rain which could potentially damage the flowers.