Participating Artist: David Nguyen

David Nguyen
美國 United States

David Nguyen是谷來自美國麻薩諸塞州波士頓的攝影師。他使用攝影來探索和捕捉美麗的風景和動物行為。他專注於自然風景和野生動物攝影,希望將它們的奇妙之處展示給世人。

David Nguyen a photographer from Boston, Massachusetts USA. He uses photography as a way to explore and capture the beauty of landscapes and the behavior of animals. David focuses mainly on natural landscapes and wildlife photography with the goal to bring their wonder to others.

自信的女王 Confident Queen
數碼印刷 Digital print
60 x 40cm


This photo of a lone female lion was captured less than ten meters away during the early morning in the Western Corridor of the Serengeti Tanzania.

*寵物或皮毛貿易 Traded for pets or fur

母親的保護 Protective Mother
數碼印刷 Digital print
60 x 40cm


During a boat safari, this photo was captured as a hippopotamus mother shields her curious calf. These hippos always live near water, in this case the Sand River in Tanzania.

*Hippo ivory are often used for sculptures

好奇心 Curious
數碼印刷 Digital print
40 x 60 cm


This was captured in the Idaho Falls Aquarium where this Grey Parrot pecked at the lens, taken over by curiosity. See it as a reminder of how human some animals can seem and how similar we are in the end.

*寵物貿易 Traded as pets