Participating Artist: 鄭文灝 Cheng Man Ho

鄭文灝 Cheng Man Ho
香港 Hong Kong


Timothy Cheng is an occupational therapist in Hong Kong who enjoys nature photography and nature illustration. Through photographing the beauty of wildlife in nature and within the city, with the combination of traditional and digital illustrations, he wishes to promote interest, awareness and the concept of nature conservation to the Hong Kong community.


Asian Small-clawed Otte
酒精墨水紙本 Alcohol marker on paper

14.8 x 18 cm



The artwork presents a meticulous illustration of an Asian Small-clawed Otter delicately drawn using alcohol markers and fineliners on textured watercolour paper. The otter is depicted with intricate details and vibrant colors, capturing its natural grace and beauty.
Through the humble portrayal of the otter feeding on fish, the artist seeks to highlight the inherent beauty of the circle of life, and the need to protect the vulnerable ecosystems as well as the creatures within it.

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