Participating Artist: Benjamin Von Wong

Benjamin Von Wong
加拿大 Canada


The purpose of my art is to ignite a sense of curiosity.
Curiosity leads to conversation and conversations shift perspectives.
Every photo is an invitation to discover not only how the image was created, but why.

牧鯊人 Shark Shephard
數碼印刷 Digital print
60 x 40 cm


Over 100 million sharks are killed every single year. Sharks are keystone species, and if they die—the oceans die. We have an opportunity to become the shepherds of the sea—to swim and celebrate with them.

自由潛水模特Freedive Model: Amber Bourke
鯊魚科學家Shark Scientist: Thomas Vignaud
拍攝地:斐濟亞薩瓦群島附近Amber Bourke
Captured underwater, close to the Yasawa Islands in Fiji