Participating Artist: A.L.A.N.

香港 Hong Kong

A.L.A.N. Artists:
Neil Wang
Carol Mui

熱愛動物和大自然的藝術家 [A.L.A.N.] 是一個非營利組織,旨在團結那些希望利用藝術和技術,與公眾建立聯繫並提高對環境問題和野生動物保護意識的藝術家和創意技術人員。透過共同合作,A.L.A.N. 希望能促進社會變革並培育一個更永續的地球。

ARTISTS who LOVE ANIMALS & NATURE [ALAN] is a non-profit organization that aims to unite artists and creative technologists who want to leverage their skills in art and technology to connect with the general public and raise awareness of environmental issues and wildlife conservation. Through collaboration, ALAN seeks to promote social change and foster a more sustainable planet.

穿山甲 Pangolin

66 x 49.5 cm
鸚鵡先生 Mr Parrot

77.5 x 38 cm
大象 Elephant

76.5 x 57.5 cm
非洲灰鸚鵡 Parrot

72.1 x 35.5 cm
壁畫數碼印刷 Mural digital print

「Break-The-Chain」是我們 (@wearealan) 創建的一項融合街頭藝術與擴增實境的運動,旨在提高公眾意識和對一項正被審議的法案的支持度。此法案將會使非法販賣野生動物提升為一項有組織和嚴重刑事罪行的條例⋯⋯

該法案已在 2021 年 8 月 18 日獲得通過!我們的項目能發揮作用,真是太棒了!

擴增實境 Instagram 濾鏡由 A.L.A.N. / The Collective 製作

BTC 由香港野生動物貿易工作小組 ADMCF (@admcf) 和 A.L.A.N (@wearealan) 倡議

“Break-The-Chain” was a campaign we (@wearealan) created Fusing Street Art & Augmented Reality to bring about public awareness and raise support for a Members Bill that was being considered by the government to elevate Wildlife trafficking into the Organised & Serious Crimes Ordinance…

On August 18th 2021 the bill was passed! It was amazing to play a small part in this with our campaign.

Our amazing Artists :
Bao Ho | Carol Mui | Hughie | Neil Wang | Taka | OmniArt | Parents Parents
Augmented Reality Instagram filters Crafted by A.L.AN / The Collectiv

BTC was an initiative of the HK Wildlife trade working group, ADMCF (@admcf) & A.L.A.N (@wearealan).