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Hong Kong SAR

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region lies to the south of mainland China in the sub-tropics. Although typically known for its tall skyscrapers, busy streets, and its high-flying financial and economic districts, Hong Kong is also a nature-lover’s wonderland. Surrounded by ocean and mountains, Hong Kong comprises ~40% parkland and 286 islands, with only 60% of Hong Kong’s land actually urbanised. This incredible landscape houses thousands of species, many vulnerable or endangered, including Hong Kong groupers, chinese pangolins, golden coin turtles, chinese agarwood, and yellow-crested cockatoos.


Getting to HK


Hong Kong has a range of accommodation options from Airbnb’s on islands, to swanky hotels in the city. However, due to the dense nature of the city, accommodation is one of the most expensive things you’ll spend your money on while in Hong Kong. We recommend checking or for your preferred dates. If you have any questions, please get in touch!

For international participants requiring bursaries with accommodation, we will be in touch individually.

Other things to know

Common activities include hiking, exploring the beaches, walking along the water-front promenades, visiting the malls and museums, visiting Disneyland, Ocean Park, the Big Buddha via cable-car, and of course – trying the extensive cuisines available (a foodie’s paradise!). Here you can find more information about visiting Hong Kong:

What you should know before travelling to Hong Kong
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